Critters and plants I have seen in YNP so far….

Animals:   Bison, elk,  Uinta ground squirrels aka whistle pigs, chipmunks (least  and golden mantled ground squirrel), bald eagle, great blue heron, white pelican, fish, ravens, crows,  mallards, tree swallows, mergansers, hawks, Canada geese,  thermophiles, ospreys, magpies, prong horns, black bears, western blue bird, robins,  marmots, mountain blue bird, gray jay, mule deer, bull snake,




Lunch time…..


Flowers:   Fireweed, Indian paintbrush, Evert’s thistle, Shooting star, Yellow monkeyflower, pond lilies, Heartleaf arnica, Arrowleaf balsamroot, Lupine, Harebell, Rocky Mountain fringed gentian,  sage brush



List of animals and plants I have seen at Island Park, ID:

Mountain chickadee, red squirrel,

The last few days we also saw a bull elk, Gray Jay, dragon flies, sand hill cranes, gulls,


Psalm 104:24  says:  O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.



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