June 30, 2012 YNP Mammoth Hot Springs

When we arrived June 26th we took some time after unpacking to explore our surroundings and headed towards the Lower Terraces Walking Tour.  After passing by the Liberty Cap we went to the boardwalk and there at the beginning of the trail was a sign that asked you to respect others enjoyment of nature by turning off your cell phones.   This is a constant admonition in our society.  My son, Jonathon, and I just came from the VA UMC Annual Conference were one of the most frequently posted signs on the screen was – ‘please mute your cell phones’.  In our church bulletins we ask people to do the same so as not to have the ringing interrupt worship.

Noise pollution abounds.  Today many don’t  know and many can’t stand the sound of silence.  To be able to have a few moments of silence is very difficult in our constantly talking, telephoning, texting, and television viewing society.  We are surrounded by back ground noise; in our cars, our homes, the malls, the doctor’s office, anywhere and everywhere there is noise.  We have to be reminded that it is possible to live without all of this background clutter and stop and listen to the voice of God.  It is amazing that God can get a word in edge wise some days.   I am glad the park service put up that sign and that we could enjoy the sounds of nature; the elk, the ground squirrels, the running water of the springs, the hissing of the steam, etc.  Nature isn’t silent either but it was a different noise then the noise that surround me back in Northern VA.

We have been without television and cell service since June 26th when we arrived in Bozeman, MT.  It has been nice.  It has been tough on the boys who have not known many periods without this noise of cell service or wi-fi and it is difficult for them.  I have found it a blessing and it is good for them.  It has helped me to be attentive to the voices of my children and my husband and the nature around me.  It has helped me to be attentive to the beauty of the creation and the voice of God that I hear.   And in the respite from the noise of our society I have even heard a little ‘music of life- the voice of the divine’ that comes quietly from the creation of the Creator.


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