July 2nd – posted July 17th

Apple fruit

Apple fruit (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A day of rest is always a necessity in the midst of a long vacation.  July 2nd was the day we set aside half way through to stay at the resort and rest.  The boys went out and played several rounds of Frisbee golf on the course they had there.  I enjoyed an early morning water aerobics class.  We all caught up on email and other electronic stuff (Facebook).   After the water aerobics I sat out on the balcony that looked over some pine trees and behind that the golf course of Island Park Resort.  I wrote up many of my reflections from the first few days of our trip to YNP.

When I got hungry I sunk my teeth into a nice apple and looked out on the view again.  A seed caught in my teeth and as I spit it out I was brought back in time to see a necklace my Grandmother Barker had that was made of apple seeds.  It was truly a lovely piece of jewelry –lovingly made.  The apple seeds dried this rich brown chocolate color and the one who had made the necklace had strung the dried seeds together in a most becoming manner.   It was made out of things we throw away but previous generations kept to grow apple trees and when they had extra would make into a beautiful necklace worthy of any jewelry shop.  They had time to sit around the fire in the evening and talk while they crafted – knitting shawls or socks or making apple seed necklaces or carving wood etc.

Wouldn’t it be great and wouldn’t it put us in touch with another of God’s creation – people – instead of watching television or answering email or searching the web – what if we sat and talked and prayed together as we made beautiful things out of stuff most of us would throw away.   It would be easier on our budgets – not having to buy expensive jewelry – and a necklace made with love is certainly a better gift with more of a history and story then something we would buy now.   It was just something I stopped to ponder as I ate my apple.  Every moment of our day can prepare us to see the Holy as we take time out to reflect on even the simplest of things.


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