July 15, 2012

Camp Highroad – http://www.camphighroad.org/

Sunday afternoon we took our two boys to Camp Highroad for a week of Christian summer camp.  If your children are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder here is a cure – send them to a week at Camp Highroad, the Arlington and Alexandria District of the United Methodist Church’s (http://www.novaumc.org/) summer camp.  It is awesome.  I love being there.  I have been there for workshops and retreats.  I have led retreats there.  My husband enjoyed doing a mission project – helping to rebuild the nurse’s cabin.  My oldest son learned to walk there while I was on an overnight retreat for the board members.

They have lots of outdoor things to do – sleeping in cabins, sleeping in tents, checking out the stream, canoeing, mountain boarding, morning worship, horseback riding, evenings around the campfire,  environmental programs during the school year, ropes courses (new higher one is in the works and partly done – yeh God and Rick and all you great donors).  My boys have gone since they were in third grade and they love it.  It is one of the favorite parts of their summer.  They wouldn’t miss it for the world.  It is nature and God at its best.

The new high ropes course – part one…



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