July 24, 2012, Lake Accotink Park

Lake Accotink Park                                                                                                                                                     
7500 Accotink Park Rd

Springfield, VA – 22150



According to their website:   Accotink Park’s 493 acres include a 55-acre lake, wetlands, and streams offering unique views of waterfowl and marsh life.

Facilities and activities vary with the season (call for dates and times) and include canoe, rowboat and pedal boat rentals, bike rentals, fishing, tour-boat rides, boat launch, nine-green double-holed miniature golf course, antique carousel, snack bar, pavilion shelters and picnic areas with grills (some areas may be reserved, call 703-324-8732), restrooms, playground, sand volleyball court and basketball court. Situated along the Cross County Trail, the park has a four-mile loop, natural-surface hiking/biking trail. Loop trail users please note: The trail section by the dam frequently floods during rain events and there is no bypass.

Small sailboats permitted; swimming, windsurfing and gas powered boat motors are prohibited. Virginia State Fishing License required for fishing.

Picnic areas, playground, pavilions, trails and open play fields are open daily year-round, 7 a.m. to dusk.


Today my son Jason and dog Buddy joined me on my walk through the park.  It was overcast but still a typical hot and humid day in Northern Virginia.  One is perspiring as soon as you get out of the car.  We walked down to the lake and headed toward the dam.  I saw a turtle on a log and lots of trash washed up to one side of the lake.  It is so sad to see trash in such a beautiful scene.  They had a nice display talking about trash and how we can help to clean up the lake and park so that all might continue to enjoy the view without the trash.  Let’s do it people – let us clean up the trash so our lakes look more pristine and the fish and turtles don’t have to swim in garbage.


We saw a Great Blue Heron hanging out on a log above the dam.   We saw a fisherman under a large beach umbrella.  We saw some Canada Geese and then headed into the woods on the loop trail.   It was cooler in the woods.  The path was packed dirt.  The trees were tall and strong.  I love to stand at the bottom of a tree and look up and see the sky.  I always think of the trees as reaching for God and when the wind goes through they are waving their crowns in praise and the wind rustling their leaves is a prayer.   When I see trees like that, I always begin to think of God and then to thank God; for life, for trees, for the forest critters, for the earth, etc.  We walked and talked some.  We found Buddy a few places along the lake and some streams to get a drink of water.


Here we go!!


There were no great insights; no scriptures came to my mind; it was just a walk in the woods.  But the more I spend time in the parks the more peaceful my spirit is becoming.  I am feeling restored.  I didn’t know it while I was walking but later on in the day after supper was put in the oven and I sat down for a moment I began to read my sabbatical book, The Paradise of God.   Wirzba began to link the importance of Sabbath with how we become whole and take better care of Creation.  I have lead several retreats on Sabbath and had heard these words before but as I read and thought and prayed and reflected on my Sabbath in the form of sabbatical there was a deeper resonance with this concept of Sabbath; a day of rest, true rest, to praise the Holy One.   Something turned or changed deep inside me.  I can’t really explain it but I was touched by the Holy and I was content despite some earlier problems that had surfaced.  Shalom was there and still is.  That is what Sabbath and sabbaticals are all about.


One response to “July 24, 2012, Lake Accotink Park

  1. Just got to your blogs that unfortunately may end soon. I have really enjoyed reading them all. I don’t nornally comment but this one spoke to me. You turned a normal every day event into something spiritual. I too love looking at nature where I often feel Gods presence and love. I especially love to hear my windchimes as a gentle breeze moves them, another reminder that God is always with me.

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