The Warty Newts of Harrogate

Great Crested Newt

Great Crested Newt (Photo credit: wallygrom)

Thank God for the natural world.  And I thank God for the warty newts that live near our new home in England.  What a wonderful place to walk each day.  I see ducks and all sorts of other little birds, lots of dog walkers and their owners, flowers, bramble fruits and other marvelous things.  I love to soak it up as I gaze and gaze upon it.  Its been a great place of rest in the midst of unpacking and settling in.  Now I have a whole new country to investigate the wild life and ponder how the Divine is seen in it and through it.

The first few months we were here we walked in these beautiful gardens.  Absolutely lovely.  It was hard work getting Buddy the dog to get to the park – too much traffic on the roads – but once he got to the park, he loved it.  And so did I. The beauty of the flowers and grounds just took my breath away and caused me to go into automatic “Thank you God” mode.  Every walk was a prayer.

It does rain a lot over here.  And with that rain comes lots and lots of rainbows; which always make my spirit soar in praise.  And I have learned to appreciate the sunshine more.

So far I have had encounters with the British robin and the magpie.  Beautiful birds.  And we encountered wonderful rocks of amazing shapes at Binham Rocks.

European Robin

European Robin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few stories are generating in my spirit.  Check back in a bit and see.


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