I lift up mine eyes to the hills….

from whence cometh my help. 2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1 and 2

We have seen a few churches on our journey here in England; most recently St. Paul’s in London – part of John Wesley’s Aldersgate day.  We had communion at noon there – awesome; to think JW walked and worshiped there.  Wow.

Anyway was thinking of this scripture when I began to review our pictures from various excursions and it occurred to me that those builders of churches were making ‘human hills’ that would draw our eyes upward to God.  We know that God is not ‘up’ but ‘in’ but I notice and think about God a lot when I look up at the hills, or the stars, or the moon or the sun and so looking up is okay – because it draws us in and inward to that relationship with God.Image


This is me at Fountains Abbey


Fountains Abbey



Church in Wiesbaden, Germany


ImageRussian Orthodox Church in Wiesbaden, Germany



Lutheran Church – Wiesbaden, Germany



Church in Mainz, Germany



York Minster, York, England

You get the idea.  I will update later with pictures of London churches and get these right round.:)





2 responses to “I lift up mine eyes to the hills….

  1. Wonderful to see all of the craftsmanship commitment of many/most builders of Europe’s churches. It gives cause for pause to realize the very small current memberships.

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